It’s the most lovely day

It’s the most lovely day here in chicago in the last few months. The right temperature that gets you going and finish all the pending shopping ( I hate it). But as it becomes december, the cold clouds start to close around and it is killing cold.

Since the winter is just about to peak in, trees have worn a dirty brown color with no leaves but still alive and chasing the dawn to get some sun by march.

Just watched Orson Welles – The one man band, a documentary on this greatest forgotten film maker. As history proved more than once that he thought well ahead of time that most of his movies were box office miracles on their second releases. So here I learnt from this documentary, that this man is still undiscovered for even now many of his films haven’t been attempted to understand.

The first time I ever knew about him was when Kamalhassan once quoted in an interview about Citizen Kane’s masterpiece and the Orson Welles Phenomenon. Since then I was looking for it in chennai and lost hope. Last time when I was here, I somehow managed to get my hand on Citizen Kane DVD. And it was an amazing experience to watch Citizen Kane and the background of the movie. I am getting just a little more curious about him, now. This time I am gonna try for his 1973 flick F for Fake. Just saw the trailor of this movie and I am spell-bound by the flawless technical advancements which he made during that time of 70’s.

Neverthless, this documentary is a must-see if you are an Orson Welles fan. His discussions with film university guys were crisp, radical and bullseye.

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