Why do all your films

Why do all your films revolve around a mentally- affected man?

Bala : Honestly speaking, every man is affected mentally by something. My films are reflections of those people, who had experienced it. My characters Chiyan, Nandha or Chithan are people affected by something.

I told you, All his heroes are mad. Finally he ends up calling everyone mad. Good Joke. I stopped reading the interview the minute I read the above answer. You continue reading it here.

Enjoy !!

One response to “Why do all your films”

  1. Jaiganesh Avatar

    I guess you guys (LG, Senthil and Anti and Co.) are so mentally affected by the Mani Mania, that every other talent that comes up in a way to displace him is ridiculed and put down. But I will have my laugh when 3 to 5 years down the line, you guys will be forced to eat a humble pie by way of recognizing Bala’s genuine talent. Till then try to look at the world that is outside the posh and modern metros dear friends. There is a completely different world out there waiting to greet you.



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