Goggles, Joystick and Kasparov :

Goggles, Joystick and Kasparov :

As Kasparov takes on the next generation Chess gaming system called X3D Fritz, ESPN is recording the entire match to be broadcasted.

X3D Technologies is a private company that develops three-dimensional display systems. X3D is sponsoring the current match, and the publicity angle is that Mr. Kasparov is wearing electronic 3-D goggles for the entire match while watching a computer screen. Mr. Kasparov plays the machine by speaking his moves, which are then represented in the computer image he sees, rather than by actually manipulating a physical board. A joystick controls the viewing angle.

On Tuesday, playing the white pieces in the opening game in front of a few hundred spectators , Mr. Kasparov fought X3D Fritz to a draw. The second of four scheduled games at the New York Athletic Club is to be played today; Mr. Kasparov will receive $200,000 for winning the match, $175,000 for a draw and $150,000 for a loss.

Watch the whole game LIVE on wired here or read more on New York Times about the Kasparov phenomenon. NY Times needs login/password.

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