Black Friday Last friday was

Black Friday

Last friday was described as a Black Friday due to the happenings in tamilnadu’s political and print media. Oh !! I am not going over the news statistics again which u have read a zillion times on the net. This is just a voice of a The Hindu supporter, who is asking for a fair share of the justice. Such an act of locking a newspaper daily with cuffs is leading the country to dumps and history will laugh at us if we allow such acts in the democracy.

This volcano has been trying to erupt for couple of years. More than 35 cases were filed against Hindu for mis-reporting of news and other such useless stuff by the tamilnadu govt. We all know The Hindu integrity and it is one of still-a-virgin-pure newspaper in the history of free India. Exposing Bofors was the biggest break for Hindu and it continued it way to glory since then.

Just completing 125 years of existence, Hindu has played a major role in many people’s lives. It has shaped perspectives and provided answers to unanswered questions of other newspapers. Unlike Time of India, The Hindu definetly doesn’t have a well designed website. Especially in news, people don’t go by the usability funda. Its the integrity and honest reporting that matters. Hindu is the best among them unlike Times of India which has been recently whacked by the online crowd.

Continue reading Hindu for I am sure you will always have good filter coffees and good mornings with The Hindu.