Weekend; Randomized Friends have flown

Weekend; Randomized

Friends have flown back to India and it’s damn boring as we were having some real fun time for the last couple of months. Going to an airport to see-away someone is the one that I hate to do, it’s embarassingly emotional. I did it yesterday. Twice.

Missed Pitha Mahan screening in chicago today. I have to hopefully wait to see it in India when I get back. Saw the clipping of Ilankathu Veesuthey song on Sun TV in Pepsi Ungal Choice programme. Illayaraja‘s clever usage of the flute in such songs clearly distinguishes him from the rest. It was a good song picturised using Balu Mahendra’s trademark technique. This technique is a descriptive one and is easy to forego a dream sequence with this. As the hero and heroine talks, walks, jogs or cooks the song is on a voice-over mode and makes the movie look very practical.

Click, Click, Click. Got a Canon Digital camera. It A60 Powershot and it has major features of a SLR camera. It’s a kind of half digital SLR. You can cut the aperture, control shutter speed, set focus, 3x of optical and 5x of digital zoom plus some more exciting modes of shooting including B/W and Sephia color saturations. The major thing is that you can attach additional lenses. Now that I have a SLR camera with digital capabilities, it’s time for me to go on roads and start clicking.

Reading: Matrix 1 Screenplay on the net. It’s amazing to read the concept unvieled to Neo and he takes a dip with those plugs around his body.

Listening: Created a playlist from my music dumps which are non-rahman. Just wanted to listen for day to others as I have been listening to Rahman all the time. Yuvan Shankar Raja seems extremely promising. Especially his Kadhal Website from Dheena is great number. With Vaali writing those taminglish lyrics, it was/is a super duper hit.

Vaali’s taminglish is way too much in this song especially :

I Love you Dangerous Baby
Naan Endrum Unnidam Kaithi
News Channel Sollum Ichcheithi

Accupuncture Needleah
Turkey Chicken Noodleah
Anbe Aadai Konjum Undan Idailah

Donald Duckin Jathiyaa
Disney Cartoon Jodhiyaa
Anbe Aadi Chellum Undan Nadaiyilla

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