Chennayil Oru Mazhai Kaalam Kakkha

Chennayil Oru Mazhai Kaalam

Kakkha Kakkha Gautam is directing his next flim, Chennayil Oru Mazhai Kaalam (A Rainy Season in Chennai). Are u teasing us, Gautam. There is absolutely no water or rain except for the last few days it seemed to have dripped here and there. Swear I don’t know how much it rained. (H)ear say.

But seriously if this is the final title, it is very intriguing. Even Balu Mahendra‘s Dhanush starrer is named as Athu Othu Kannak Kaalam. Its rumoured that the story lines goes like Dhanush getting seduced by Ramya Krishna(n)vamsi. So who’s going to seduce who in Gautam’s Chennayil Oru Mazhai Kaalam. Atleast the rain seduce the Chennaites.

Hope Gautam gets a chance to seduce Sujatha for writing dialogues. Given Gautam’s slick style of film making like what we say in Kakkha Kakkha and Sujatha’s consumate experience in writing slick dialogues like what he did for Kannathil Muthamittal and Shankar’s Boys, their combination could be nothing but sheer fun.

Remember the true-to-life dialogues of Sujatha in Kandukondain Kandukondain directed by Gautam’s guru Rajiv Menon. I hope this combonation gets hooked and works well.

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