The Sethu Controversy: As Bala

The Sethu Controversy:

As Bala is celebrating his victory of Pitha Mahan, a few conversations (read hot fights) happened in my blog post’s comment box, a week back, on the Bala’s first movie Sethu. Instead of these discussions getting digged in the archive hole, I thought of documenting this in my main blog.

Sethu has been a hot topic since it’s release back in 2000. It’s a film that made today’s Vikram. It is the film that brought an assistant of Balu Mahendra, Bala, to the lime light. Myself and my friends have had enough conversations and fights over the intentions and intrepretations of the Sethu film. Like us many of the film lovers have praised and kicked Bala’s approach in Sethu.

Though I have some strong views over the movie and it’s style, I have documented everyone’s views, un-edited. If someone wants to add to the existing document , leave a comment and I will add it to the main discussion.

Read The Sethu Controversy here.

One response to “The Sethu Controversy: As Bala”

  1. Sujay Avatar

    lol this is funny. The thing is comparing bala’s movies to the usual masala tamil cinema everyone would accept that bala stands out. There arent many directors of this sort in tamil cinema, think about it. We have Mani, Gautam Menon, Bala and shankar maybe but that is all.

    So to all those who dont like bala, would rather watch a routine tamil flick with the usual love, fight, dance?

    I accept he’s nowhere near the class of Mani but he’s way above the rest.


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