Matrix Revolutions : Balancing the

Matrix Revolutions : Balancing the Equation

No spoilers ahead. It isn’t a review so you can read it without losing your matrix virginity.

Just minutes after the movie finished, I am here to pen down my first thoughts on the movie. As a huge Matrix Fan, this movie appears to be a let down. But for a normal unassuming cine-goer this movie is all about the pinnacle of an action movie. I could bet you wouldn’t have seen anything so flambyouant as this. Matrix is much bigger than your imagination. It has the kind of graphics which you haven’t even dreamt in the wildest of dreams. However. it does give a video-game like look to the movie.

But Neo is all set to be the messiah of Zion, the last city of the world. And to do that he has balance the equation. Agent Smith is becoming brahma. He keeps multipying himself to an unimaginable extent that he poses a threat even to the machines world. To stop him, Neo takes a pilgrimage to the machine city and makes a deal. As oracle remarks in the movie, Agent Smith is his negative counterpart who is created to balance the positive Neo. Will it turn out to be a revolution is the what it is all about. It is certainly a very sober movie unlike Matrix 1 when you would come out of a theatre wearing your coolers just like Keanu Reeves and that sober tone is well set from the beginning of the movie when the people of zion expect an armageddon to strike.

Being in an IMAX theatre is nothing but being in Zion battlefield itself. But the sound and thousands of marching sqiddies(sentinnal programs) are not the elements that make up the matrix. It’s the philosophical questions that Matrix puts forward that attracts it’s fans. Some questions which were left unanswered in Reloaded are answered while some are taken care by the Superman type Neo who fights Agent Neo in the final battle that shakes the skies.

As the final battle hits the skies, the harmony in the background creates goosebumpers. It’s the biggest highlight of this Matrix. Don’t miss the full length harmony at the end of the movie. Worth a hearing. I hope to see this harmony music copied into a tamil or hindi movie very soon.

Some more on Revolutions to follow. Until then, Free your Mind.

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