Hurray !! Got tickets

Hurray !! Got tickets for the first day of Matrix Revolutions, releasing next wednesday (11/05). The special thing is that it is in an IMAX theatre. With screens as big as 5 times as a normal screen and with a movie like Matrix, I am sure my thrills would get complemented.

Last time when I was in an IMAX was during the second release of Apollo 13, *ing Tom Hanks. I always wanted to see a an animation movie in Imax. That wish hasn’t come true, yet.

So what’s Neo going to do with Agent Smith(s) this time. Any guesses. I swear not to post a spoiler after I watch the movie.

Listening : July Malargaley from Bhagavathi. Rendered by Karthik and Sadhana Sargam, this melodious duet is good for ears except for that ugly pronunciation of Sadhana. She pronounces Azhaghan as Alagan. Shameful. But I have to accept that she is being improving since Sneghithaney. She stumbling over tamil is acceptable because even some tamilnadu born super heroes call thamizhan as tamilan. State of pity.

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