Mircosoft takes over Google could

Mircosoft takes over Google could be my title for a future blog post. That future is getting nearer day by day. I hope not that it happens.

While Google is till exploring its IPO options in Wall Street, the company is also impressed by the Dutch auction, an offering to bypass wall street and directly selling the shares to the investors. With Google dicatating the search engine market, Microsoft is full-of-love for Google.

It is in news that in the last two months, Microsoft has made a couple of attempts for a possible takeover of google. If this wouldn’t work out the way Microsoft thinks, they could head towards giving away web search options a part of their Longhorn operating system. This would shake Google’s search engine leadership by roots just like what happened to Netscape when Microsoft bundled Internet Explorer with Windows.

I am sure that Google wouldn’t be bought because Google by itself is reaching a state of pinnacle with their acquisition of Blogger this year. It is also expected to grow the blogging market by multi-fold.

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