Microsoft with horns – not

Microsoft with horns – not just horns – it a Longhorn:

Introducing the next developer version of Windows OS, codenamed Longhorn, Gates tried to woo Windows developers to support and try their hands on Longhorn.

Longhorn, the next generation windows appears to be a set of integrated applications with an operating system rather than a monolithic operating system release. Thats what Gates had to say in the Professional Developers Conference 2003 in California. He was sure that the beta would be released by next summer but the commercial release would be in the year of 2006.

Longhorn is built around three major advances–a new graphics and presentation engine known as Avalon, a new communications architecture known as Indigo, and a new file system known as WinFS that borrows from Microsoft’s relational database technology’

Look at this Longhorn developer center, it seems the feel and look of windows is getting converted to the next generation of softwares. Given the ability of Microsoft to make drool-over front-ends, it is very convincing with the alerts and buddylists placed at the right corner of the screen.

Transparent windows, animated windows that pop open and a new taskbar on the righthand side of the screen that displayed a clock, buddy list, and news and other information streamed onto the desktop via an RSS feed. Finally RSS feeds are recognized well by Microsoft which is a cool thing that happens to this blogging community.

But the controversies are already at as it calls the graphical look of Longhorn–particularly its transparency and animated windows–are reminiscent of Apple’s Mac OS X.

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