Serial lighted marriage hall, Madisar

Serial lighted marriage hall, Madisar mamis, Diamond studs, Silver Vessels, Cousins and Cousins, Friends, Close friends, Known friends, Unknown friends, Long-time-since-we-met dialogues, You-have-become-double-the-size-yaar realtives, Kiddos running around, Sowkiyamas exchanged, Nudging Athais, Talkative Athimbers, Huge blankets, Dirty pillow covers, Close-circuit televisions, Bride with butterflies in stomach, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Disarrayed chairs, Click click photos, Flower baskets, Flowing light from video cameras, Unmanned fans, Cellphone Pandits, Crowd everywhere, Paan mouthed grandpas, High decibel mantras, Welcoming siblings, Time ticking away to muhurtham, Crowd around the sacred stage, Groom in position, On your march, Bride walking shyly, Sits on her father’s lap, All eyes fixed, Get set, Maangalyam Thanthuna, Go, Go, Go, Mangal sutra tied, Congrats shared, Hands shook, Mom sheds a happy tear as I take a deep breath.

And so my sister’s marriage went off well last week. It was the joyous week in my life. My sister got married and is now off to her in-law’s place. It was a 4 day south-indian brahmin marriage and I was stressed out at the end of it. But looking back, I’m pretty happy that whatever we were planned, went extra smooth. Some more…

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