One of the sickest shows

One of the sickest shows in MTV is the Loveline. The viewer of the program writes a very detailed note on the affair he/she has. Cyrus and the new babe ( instead of the ravishing Malaika Arora ) read out the mail so loud and try giving a solution that is subtly well hinted by the writer itself. Mostly the viewer himself gives the clue as to whether he wants to hang around or walk away from the relationship. These guys pretend as though they give a very idealistic solution to it. Any Tom / Dick / Harry could attempt this.

Cyrus, who really rocks in Bakra, sucks totally. His creativity goes to ditches in this program. Mostly the guest is cuturally shocked by the secret revelations of the teenagers who write/call to this program. When the guest tries to give an apt solution according to him, Cyrus interrupts, forces an answer on the guest and quickly jumps to a song sequence. Probably the guests would think that Cyrus really bakraed(sorry from the hindglish) them. The mood of Loveline is so shady with that leather couch and red/blues light that it gives a midnight masala mood to the program.

Last thing, Cryus has started occupying 80% of my 29 inch TV. High time he joins to aerobics with me in mornings.

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