Shankar’s Boys music will

Shankar’s Boys music will be out tomorrow (Saturday, 28th June ) to set the city on fire. It is the most expected album of the year. AR Rahman’s fans including me are already queued outside Music World in Spencer Plaza to snatch their first privileged copies. There has been no mention where the music release function would be. I would like to personally watch the music unraveled. Boys music samples are already out on the net and a song called Secret of success is rocking its way. There has been numerous reviews already posted by AR Rahman fans and everyone hopes a paradigm shift in Rahman’s music and also a trendsetter. You too…pick a copy of original CD of Shankar’s Boys. End Piracy. Stop!!

Suraj Barjatya’s Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon is released today. It’s been 4 years since Rajsri’s last movie Hum Sath Sath Hain released. Suraj’s version is that this movie will no more have the same tone of Hum Aapke Hain Koun but will sound more contemporary. The music is already topping the charts and Anu Malik gets a good break by this film. Hope he forgets his copycat days and come back original. Chali Aayee rendered by Chitra and KK is the topper but I personally like Sanjana…I Love you song by Chitra and Sunidhi Chauhan. It is the fastest song ever in Suraj Barjatya’s film. Looks like it is a film of mistaken identities in a love triangle. Kareena Kapoor, Hritik Roshan and Abishek Bachchan are all praying for a hit with this movie. Kareena in an interview ” I have only two best friends now. God and Suraj Barjatya”.

The punidts are skeptical about MPKDH because of the false hype created by Ram Gopal Verma’s Bhoot that only horror movies sells. I am sure Suraj is all set to change these imaginary mindsets. Suraj himself is the biggest film lover of all. He is someone who only watched movies before he became a director. Once he remarked, ” The only thing I did to become a director is watch movies. I watched as many movies as I can in the dark crowded cinema theatres in Bombay. I doesn’t matter if a movie is good to watch or not. I watched all movies. Good, Bad and Ugly. Only this has shown me how to make movies which people like”. And he did. My friend senthil used to say during HAHK days “There is no one else left in Delhi who hasn’t watched Hum Aapke Hain Koun. Everybody has watched more than twice. I don’t know why the movie is still running.” That is the magic created by Suraj Barjatya. Hope MPKDH repeats it.

Jim Carrey has sent all his critics home by his master entertaining performance in Bruce Almighty. His setback came from the sober movies like The Truman show and Man on the Moon. Critics wrote him off that he could no more be the master entertainer of Hollywood. Bruce Almighty, still not released in India, is hitting the Box Office in Hollywood. The story line could be very familiar for Indian audience. Bruce (Jim Carrey), who is a media guy, gets too depressed and wishes for the powers of Almighty (God) to get his life back on track. God (Morgan Freeman) comes in face-2-face with him and grants him those wishes. The rest must be as expected. After reading the movie reviews, I am tempted to watch it as soon as it hits the Indian theatres. Morgan Freeman, my most favorite Hollywood actor adds value to this film with this simple yet gripping performance. That’s the reason why this movie has kindled my interests.

One of the sickest shows

One of the sickest shows in MTV is the Loveline. The viewer of the program writes a very detailed note on the affair he/she has. Cyrus and the new babe ( instead of the ravishing Malaika Arora ) read out the mail so loud and try giving a solution that is subtly well hinted by the writer itself. Mostly the viewer himself gives the clue as to whether he wants to hang around or walk away from the relationship. These guys pretend as though they give a very idealistic solution to it. Any Tom / Dick / Harry could attempt this.

Cyrus, who really rocks in Bakra, sucks totally. His creativity goes to ditches in this program. Mostly the guest is cuturally shocked by the secret revelations of the teenagers who write/call to this program. When the guest tries to give an apt solution according to him, Cyrus interrupts, forces an answer on the guest and quickly jumps to a song sequence. Probably the guests would think that Cyrus really bakraed(sorry from the hindglish) them. The mood of Loveline is so shady with that leather couch and red/blues light that it gives a midnight masala mood to the program.

Last thing, Cryus has started occupying 80% of my 29 inch TV. High time he joins to aerobics with me in mornings.

Serial lighted marriage hall, Madisar

Serial lighted marriage hall, Madisar mamis, Diamond studs, Silver Vessels, Cousins and Cousins, Friends, Close friends, Known friends, Unknown friends, Long-time-since-we-met dialogues, You-have-become-double-the-size-yaar realtives, Kiddos running around, Sowkiyamas exchanged, Nudging Athais, Talkative Athimbers, Huge blankets, Dirty pillow covers, Close-circuit televisions, Bride with butterflies in stomach, Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, Disarrayed chairs, Click click photos, Flower baskets, Flowing light from video cameras, Unmanned fans, Cellphone Pandits, Crowd everywhere, Paan mouthed grandpas, High decibel mantras, Welcoming siblings, Time ticking away to muhurtham, Crowd around the sacred stage, Groom in position, On your march, Bride walking shyly, Sits on her father’s lap, All eyes fixed, Get set, Maangalyam Thanthuna, Go, Go, Go, Mangal sutra tied, Congrats shared, Hands shook, Mom sheds a happy tear as I take a deep breath.

And so my sister’s marriage went off well last week. It was the joyous week in my life. My sister got married and is now off to her in-law’s place. It was a 4 day south-indian brahmin marriage and I was stressed out at the end of it. But looking back, I’m pretty happy that whatever we were planned, went extra smooth. Some more…

It was a handful of

It was a handful of old, rusted, brownish B&W photographs that my sister showed me as I entered the house. An assorted collection of our family pictures which were taken at several occasions of the last 24 years. She is planning to take those selective pictures along with her to her in-laws house as fond memories of our family. A couple of them were really enthralling pics which my dad shot durng our childhood. It brought back some great times we had during the childhood. Especially a pic where she tries to hold our pet cat in her hand. I was so scared to pose with holding the same cat in the hand. She keeps saying, even being a elder brother, I didn’t have ‘guts’ to hold a cat while she was very gutsy. More on these memoirs, still to come.