As the wheel turns,

As the wheel turns, people change from baggy trousers to boot leggers to narrow trousers. Same is true for other walks of life also. The private FM mania is already alive and kicking in most metros of India. Chennai is the last to join the race. One reason being the no. of Tamil tv channels is more than any other regional language channels in India. Infact, even the no. of Hindhi tv channels is also less by a count of 1 or 2.

So there is always something or other new program/serial coming up and it generally took time for people to start finding an alternative for TV. Also, I think there had been some hiccups in granting permission for private FM stations in Tamil Nadu. Now things have changed and Suryan FM @105.8 started its broadcast from y’day. I’ve been personally waiting for this for sometime. Being under the umbrella of SUN TV network which is the leading South Indian TV network, Suryan FM can achieve more things than what others can.

Last night, I tuned into Suryan FM @105.8 and it had cystal clear sound quality and it was way ahead of the public FM sound quality. I slept with the radio on by morning when I woke up, the headphones were just beside my head and I could hear some voices. I realised I didn’t switch it off. In morning they were playing thoughts of day which is usually broadcasted in SUN TV every morning. This is a clear advantage of being assosiated with a TV channel. They have the availability and flexibility of re-using the program which were programmed for the TV.

And when I read the newspaper today, Radio Mirchi @98.3 is also launched from today in chennai. Guys, start getting your personal radios. It’s gonna be a lot fun. Better idea would be to buy a Nokia with radio on it and go bonkers!!

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  1. sundar mohan Avatar
    sundar mohan

    Dear Sir,
    I wish to join your reputed chanel as an programming head as well as on air talent. I’m a senior person with more than 15 years of experience in commercial radio & TV.. I started voicing at the age of 7, since then I’ve been voicing/writing and doing production with well known radio, tv chanels and production houses like AIR, Doordarshan, Zee TV, Discovery chanel,Radio star, Radio city, Super ads, Ameen sayani, D.S. Mittle & sons,and many others. I have recieved an appriciation letter from Lata Mangeshkar for my work on FM chanel, as well as my name is registered in Limca book of records(year 2000 page 202), I have good command over hindi and english, and I do live radio shows on RCS. at present I’m working with radio city lucknow and looking for better opportunity.


    sundar mohan


  2. Swetha Avatar

    I want Suryan fm mail address.
    Can you give me it please??
    Thank you
    Bye from


  3. Albert Micheal Avatar

    i love to listen tamil music


  4. Albert Micheal Avatar

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  5. mayuran Avatar

    hey how are u
    how is life
    i was in India for a year
    i like the SURYAN FM very much
    how can i listen to SURYAN FM on the Internet
    i live in Canada.
    i want to listen to SURYAN FM from Canada on the Internet
    please if anyone know how to listen to SURYAN FM on the internet plase send me a mail thanks alot
    take care bye bye


  6. J Prasad Babu Avatar
    J Prasad Babu


    Can i get the phone number to make a call for every programmes… expecially for “KATHAL KATHAL”… send me if any one knows…

    thank you..


  7. Vijay Avatar

    I want to hear Radio Mirchi through web, plz help me


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