Boys for Gals – Can

Boys for Gals – Can u hear us?

P.S : Read Boys Review

Shankar‘s long awaited Boys(for Gals) is expected to release this summer. But the wait extends that AR Rahman fans now atleast demand the music to be released. It’s been more than a year since Boys began. Shankar in his recent interviews keeps saying that he is finished most of the movie expect for a few songs. He said that the movie consisted of 10 songs of which a few of them are shorter ones. There are rumors going around that Jyothika was making a guest appearance for a song sequence.

Shankar known for his fantasy films like Mudhalvan (Nayak), Indian (Hindusthani), Gentleman and Jeans is set to come back with Boys which is said to be a reality movie. He says it has more elements of reality more of his usual fantasy oriented stories. The movie supposedly revolves around the lives of five guys and a girl and it describes the usual confusions and mishaps of teenage and how these guys rise back to the occasion.

Sujatha‘s go-getter dialogues would be a highlight. A R Rahman‘s songs would certainly make a bang. It’s been sometime since AR Rahman rocked the tamil world. His latest Udhaya has been well received but hasn’t made a big impact. Also ARR-Shankar combination has worked well in the past and they have been trendsetters. For the fans who are waiting for the movie for a long time, the music release will certainly cool their hearts.

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