Of C’s and C plus

Of C’s and C plus plusses

Only 35% object oriented featured in kuro5hin is a well-written short story I should say though it is a real life account of how a project went bad because of the buzzword lovers. This article has tons of comments and brickbatting happening. Very interesting.

As ucblockhead accounts in the article Buzzwords are not goals. If you let buzzwords overrule your requirements, you are in for a world of hurt. I agree totally to his point of how buzzwords rule the game and send projects to trash.

Being a die-hard fan of C programming and a pretty-ok programmer in C, I had issues of how-2-look-at-C++ from a C perspective. The perspective what I had was mostly academic and it wasn’t helpful when I was working in a C++ project. To unlearn the C++ which I learnt academically and learn the practical way of C++ took a long time but was fairly beneficial. And only then I was able to appreciate the OOP in C++.