A long gap and hey

A long gap and hey I’m back. Currently in chennai and having a nice time going around in my hero honda amidst the fight for fuel due to the lorry strike. Wow!! Feels so nice to be in India.

Had a boring flight in Lufthansa. I think the most boring journey is the flight. Every other means of transport has more space to move around. The over heated panner and palak makes me sick. I actually didn’t eat anything throught the flight. I was explicitly avoiding the food and the hostess had a doubt that I was infected with SARS due to my constant cough. What a horrible look she gave me.

When she was giving away the dinner we were over the arabian sea, I went in to restroom to avoid saying no to the food. And when I came back, she was gone but the uncle said, “Hey you missed the food, but never worry, I got a extra one for you from the hostess”. Being good is also harmful. He was convinced that Saddam was a poor chap and Bush had a leftover-revenge from the previous birth for which he is fighting Saddam down.

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