My sister’s engagement went fine.

My sister’s engagement went fine. I was extremely happy to back here in chennai for this function. It’s fun to have people visiting you on these occasions but what happened to us was a disaster. Until 12 noon on friday we were just 5 of us in our house and everything seems to be in place perfectly. Relatives started coming in like my athai, athimber and their grandsons. By 12:30 it seemed to Iraq invaded by US and it was chaos. Chaos is not the word and all that hungama got over only the next day after nichayathartham(engagement). Keys were thrown around, toys were split open and all the remote controls were used as artificial telephones by those kids and it was like US using tomahawks on my house. After everyone left we had to clean the house and found things misplaced, broken and missing. We are still rebuilding iraq. errr… house.

I also a had a role to play in the engagement. I was shooting a bit of this function in handycam fixed with a 1000 watt bulb and gayu was looking at me furiously. 😉