Coffee with salt: Dead Man

Coffee with salt:

Dead Man Walking made me think dead. Last night at 11:30, I was so engrossed in the movie that I added salt to my coffee and stirred it well. I took it to my reclining seat and when my taste buds were expecting a lovely coffee, they tasted salty. Yucky!. All I could do was to laugh aloud. I was expecting to make this mistake since I had salt and sugar in two similar looking jars. It happened with the help of Susan Sarandon.

This was supposedly my 5th time of watching Dead Man Walking and it never had dull moments. Susan Sarandon engrosses you with her versatile performance. What an amazing actress she is. Full of expressions and a non-clandestine smile that makes you call her the best-of-the-best.

For people wondering whether Dead Man Walking refers something metaphorically, it is a no. It just refers to what the people on death row are called as they take that final walk towards their execution chamber. But the title is so intense that it stands to be one of the aptly titled film of times. Above all it’s the theme about capital punishment and the content of this movie that moves you and drags you to the edge of tears. No movie spoilers here. So if you haven’t watched it yet, pick up the DvD and watch it rightaway. I couldn’t see the Sean Penn in the movie. All I could see was his character, Mathew Poncelet. A performance which was as realistic and simple as Kamalhassan in Mahanadhi.

I looking forward to read this screenplay and anyone of you, who had come across it, please let me know where it is available. David Robbins who has scored the background score has used a lot of Indian vocals and Hindustani tunes. So be prepared to hear tablas, sitars and veenas playing all around the movie. I think it is a well-adapted movie from the original book written by Sister Helen Prejean. Tim Robbins (the guy who starred in The Shawshank Redemption), the director takes the credit for bringing, the dead man walking, ALIVE.

At the end, as Bruce Springsteen sang Dead Man Walkin’ with his all-time-best vocals, I sat unmoved physically.