Of C’s and C plus

Of C’s and C plus plusses

Only 35% object oriented featured in kuro5hin is a well-written short story I should say though it is a real life account of how a project went bad because of the buzzword lovers. This article has tons of comments and brickbatting happening. Very interesting.

As ucblockhead accounts in the article Buzzwords are not goals. If you let buzzwords overrule your requirements, you are in for a world of hurt. I agree totally to his point of how buzzwords rule the game and send projects to trash.

Being a die-hard fan of C programming and a pretty-ok programmer in C, I had issues of how-2-look-at-C++ from a C perspective. The perspective what I had was mostly academic and it wasn’t helpful when I was working in a C++ project. To unlearn the C++ which I learnt academically and learn the practical way of C++ took a long time but was fairly beneficial. And only then I was able to appreciate the OOP in C++.


Madurai Veeran – Warrior of

Madurai Veeran – Warrior of Madurai


Kamal is getting back to work after Anbe Sivam. His latest film Sandiyar‘s start happened among a huge crowd of his fans in Madurai’s Medical College grounds.

Madurai has been a historical place for a lot of cinema icons in Tamil Nadu. But for Kamal it is yet another film starter with a different dimension. He said he had been roaming around in and around madurai for the last few months to get some new faces for this movie. Also he had found some new habits and some tidbits about the place which he plans to use it in the movie. Incidentally the movie is also set in Madurai he planned to have it started therei.

Despite the violence in the film, Sandiyar focuses on non-violence. Being Kamalhassan‘s directorial venture after Hey Ram, illayaraja comes back to score for the film.

This diwali break-free for Sandiyar!!


Google’s Googly – Dano Dano-

Google’s Googly – Dano

Dano– the new version of blogger will be out in few days. Arnab Nandi of TimePass Town was reviewing Dano and he was inviting co-authors to review it. And now along with him, I am also reviewing it here.

This blog is an exclusive one which was created and maintained in Dano. It is a cool interface especially for me who has been blogging with Blogger Basic for more than a year. I had felt at time to switch to other interfaces but I kept tight hoping Blogger being the a sure leader in this blogging world would come out with a much better version.

After Google took over Blogger this is the first significant change happening. I had felt other important changes in terms of speed and less downtime after Google‘s presence. This is specially a Google’s Googly for other competitors and would clearly set blogger ahead in the race.

Any one who wants to review Dano, checkout with Arnab.


Do you believe this or

Do you believe this or have you encountered this. This morning when I was listening to a song from ‘Mughavari’ which was released during 2000, I went back in time and felt like I was still working in Citibank. Had a similar feeling which I had 3 years back and felt like I will start, go pickup my Hreo Puch and travel all the way to Shakti Towers in Mont Road. But currently I ride a splendor and go just the opposite direction of Mount Road.

It is slightly tough for me to describe that moment but I remember having such experiences happening before even with a smell of books and houses. I have no clue what they call this in pshcology but this memory travelback fascinates me as our brain has capabilities of such complex operations and it can actually make you travel back in time for a moment.

My friend suggested it to be a Deja Vu experience. Is that so?


My sister’s engagement went fine.

My sister’s engagement went fine. I was extremely happy to back here in chennai for this function. It’s fun to have people visiting you on these occasions but what happened to us was a disaster. Until 12 noon on friday we were just 5 of us in our house and everything seems to be in place perfectly. Relatives started coming in like my athai, athimber and their grandsons. By 12:30 it seemed to Iraq invaded by US and it was chaos. Chaos is not the word and all that hungama got over only the next day after nichayathartham(engagement). Keys were thrown around, toys were split open and all the remote controls were used as artificial telephones by those kids and it was like US using tomahawks on my house. After everyone left we had to clean the house and found things misplaced, broken and missing. We are still rebuilding iraq. errr… house.

I also a had a role to play in the engagement. I was shooting a bit of this function in handycam fixed with a 1000 watt bulb and gayu was looking at me furiously. 😉