The power of BLOGGING could

The power of BLOGGING could be seen here. Kiruba Shankar had his one year old daughter admitted in hospital because she had an internal infection . He just wrote a few lines saying that he had been tied up to the hospital for the last few days and he is very worried about his daughter. Look at the comments box of this note and the comments just keeps flowing in. This is highest number of comments for a single note that I have seen ever. And thats the power of blogging or reaching out to the world. Few of these comments are from people who know him flesh & blood. Many others, including me, who have never even met him had left their comments, prayers, get well soon wishes to his daughter. I would be moved totally if I recieve such unbelievable support from faceless friends from all over the world and I sure that Kiruba too is overwhelmed.

At this rate, I am sure his daughter should be up and running in a few hours not days. Get well soon dear. You are the best. And hey Kribs, you certainly need a pat for organising Chennai Bloggers Meet.

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