March 12th. I could never

March 12th. I could never forget this day for I know 5 people who celebrate the birthday today. It includes one very important person, my appa(dad, pop as they call). When I wished him this morning over the voice chat, he was surprised that I remembered that. It is just a normal day for him and all these years we haven’t celebrated it at all. He doesn’t like them though. But today, it was different. I am in different continents and its the distance that made me feel closer to home. Ironical, isn’t it. Its truly ironical.

Appa never had friends, except one. And it was very sad that his friend passed away by a cardiac attack last week. I vaguely remember that friend’s face. I met him some 13/14 years back when we visited his house. It is surprising to see someone like appa who just had only one friend(many acquaintances…though) in life. But thats how he is. A disciplinarian and a rebel at life, I couldn’t even imagine having virtues nearer to him. I think of writing some more things here but embarrassed that he may read this note. I stop. Gayu, don’t show this to appa. Please.

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