Wisconsin was bitterly cold. I

Wisconsin was bitterly cold. I could see snow everywhere unlike Chicago. We had a great time while coming back from Illinois. It was snowing like mad all around and we couldn’t see anything five feet further while driving. I longed for these snow filled days during the sultury summer of chennai and had enough snow than what I wanted. As one of my friend remarked, it was like travelling through the starfield simulation screensaver of windows. Snowflakes kept flowing in towards the car and it was all white outside. Illayaraja’s melodies however eased our moods and his famous number germaniyin senthen malarae(germany’s redhoneyflower…bad transalation)added color to the B&W Snow outside.

I could see snowman decorated at the gates of most of the houses. Kids have fun by building snow man. They take huge volumes of snow by rolling it they make a snow ball. Snowmans have awesome varieties. Some with sun glasses, shawls(desi snow-mans have dupattas around their necks) and carrot stuffed eyes. Others are with just leaves as noses and eyes. Well, every climate has some play stuff for the people here.

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