Aftermath of previous note: I

Aftermath of previous note: I mailed sujatha the previous note to his old email id and for my suprise he replied back in two hours which said the article was amusing and it was also very very long for him. Feel so nice for that reply from him. Thanks !!

AR Rahman is rocking the world with his Unity Of Light concert and quite recently chennai danced to his tunes last friday. Its the first time he performs in chennai and for us, the chennaites, he is still the little whiz kid from our hometown who barged in the music industry with a smell of fresh music in Roja. I remember looking at this 17 year old guy posing with his keyboard at a corner of Roja posters. Kadhal Rojavey (Roja Janeman) is still as fresh as himself. Cheers to AR Rahman!!


Sujatha Says, “STOP!” Sujatha

Sujatha Says, “STOP!”

Sujatha finally declared that he changed his e-mail address from to ???(We don’t know yet). He remarks that the trash mails, which he got from people, have reduced (not stopped). He had let go his email address for public a couple of years ago in his site. I thought that sooner or later he is going to regret this decision.

Whats funny about that? A contemporary writer giving his email address to his fans. It’s a lot different in Tamil world. You tend to get some weird emails from people and the extent of misuse has no limits. Only a meticulous observer like sujatha can mock at these cliched emails, with humor. I want to try and imagine some of those emails, which he would have probably got in the last few years. This list does not encompass wet pussy, organ enlargement and I-am-horny-horny stuff mails. Those are considered spam. And if hotmail does not cut short those spams, we are going to have the name changed to hornymail. So I would have (obnoxious! isn’t it).

Here we go with the imaginary list of emails sent to writer sujatha. Not all are imaginary; many could possibly be true. Sentences after dashes in the sentences below are Sujatha’s might-be thoughts. Being a diehard fan of sujatha, I must be right at some places. Some are just pure fun.

a. Review the poetry that I have written – I ain’t Shakespeare. Send it

b. Need a chance to showcase my acting skills – Give me a break. Mani Ratnam is searching for three young heroes for his next film. Not me. But anyway Mani Ratnam is trying to book Madhavan and Arvind swamy for the first 2 heroes. Next one could be you! Send it atleast to Suhasini. Visit

c. Give me tips to write for films – Read my latest book Thiraikathai Ezhuthuvathu Eppadi (How to write screenplays?). Not so short for an email and you could also give me some royalty. News to you is that all the copies are sold out.

d. Here’s my Haiku – I can’t publish everything in Katrathum Petrathum (Anandha Vikatan). I need to write some of my own stuff there. And hey!! I am not in reviewing business. Those links in my essays are only good stuff that I have come across. I mean good stuff. Get it!

e. Do u know Mani Ratnam/Rajiv Menon – Yeah !! I know them so what should I do now. If you are a software engineer in US and need to jump into movies, I am not the right channel. Meet Mani Ratnam in Alwarpet or Rajiv Menon in Mylapore. But before that check out your bank accounts. Film career needs excessive patience and hard work unlike coding for 2 hours, having coffee, cigarettes and flirting for 3 hours and browsing for 3 hours like in software business.

f. I am your Biggest Fan!! Read Ahead now, please – Now, don’t flatter me to read your mail which proves you haven’t read my writings beyond Ganesh & Vasant. Also read my Azhwargal ; Oru Elliya Arimugam (Kumudam Bhakthi), Engey Kadavul (Vin Nayagan), Anithavin Kathalgal (Vikatan) and also Guru Prasadin Kadaisi Dhinam for a better perspective of my writings.

g. Your essay SUCKS!! Bill Gates Rocks – I know a few more people got upset on my Bill Gates essay in Junior Vikatan. But then I meant that. God Bless Microsoft world!! Long Live LINUX. BTW are you from Microsoft?

h. Need of money for my daughters Kindergarten admission – This is getting too much dude. I don’t have a financial institution. I live in a flat in mandaveli. Though I pretty rich enough, I am no way involved in speculation. And also read in your stars this week that speculation isn’t all that good for me. Try Sundaram Finance.

i. Your writing is Bullshit – Heck!! One of the thousand mails I get. Not that I declare you down but you are yet another impulsive dude out there. But you go on. Keep commenting.

j. Inaugrating Meenakshi Cutpiece Junction – What ?? You are inviting me to open your women’s clothing shop in Kutchery Road, Call Rambha or Meena or even Mumtaz. I go only to Nithyashree and Aruna Sairam’s Carnatic shows.

k. Tamil Nambi Publishers from Jeyankondan – Sorry I have already accepted to publish all coming books with Uyirmai Publishers. Manushya Puthran is whom you need to get it done. He is my publisher. Didn’t you see Madras Book Fair? He re-released 6 books of mine and they sold out pretty fast.

l. Loved your Srirangathu Devathaigal – Thanks for that. Also read Nilla Nizhal. This is cricket season and so I recommend that book of cricket.

m. Why are u called sujatha? – Yeah, I am Rangarajan. Pen named as Sujatha, my wife. Is that a crime?

n. Rajini’s Priya movie was nice – I don’t want to talk about that anymore. It’s a old old story. Bad Adaptation. Delete the mail immediately.

o. Kamal’s Vikram, atleast? – Oops!! You seem not to stop. Vikram was also a bad adaptation and also it came in the wrong time. Sci-fi thrillers are not for Tamil folks. Keep watching MALAI MALAI songs. Come to this age. How was dialogues of Kannathil Muthamittal?

p. Check out Santa-Banta jokes – Come on guys!! Don’t add me to your group’s list and keep forwarding such Sardar jokes and Shakeela Pics. I am out of these. I am 65 plus already.

q. Family problem !! Please solve – I am not Mathrubhutam to solve your sex issues not Actress Lakhsmi to make your cry in my show. This is the end. It is getting too much. Let me change my email address, which you guys cannot guess.

r. Don’t try cheating by saying you changed your mail address – Oh ! my god. Someone please stop this. I have seriously changed my email address. I am still hanging on to because I rarely get some good mails, unlike this.

Don’t they sound so true? These are however imaginary thoughts and mails but think if they are true, how will a celebrity ever pass his email.

Quick Guess: Sujatha’s latest email – Isn’t that funny?


Last week was terrific. How

Last week was terrific. How do u take that?. Good or Bad. It was kind of both. Hectic work and no work at all. The graph was surging up and down. As usual did a lot of shopping(window, ofcourse) at gurnee mills on saturday. Expecting to watch Grammy today evening on CBS.

Anbe Sivam review was well accepted. May be thats the reason why I was lazy enough blog and allowed the review to feature on my first page. I now understand why Mahesh went for a second blog.

Mood swingers –

Music : Nithyashree singing bharathiyar songs.
Movie : Catch me if you can. I liked it. For others it was Watch me if you can 😉
Book : Sundara Ramaswamy’s JJ Sila Kurippugal. Intriguing start which tells you what a good read it is going to be.

Film Reviews

Anbe Sivam – Literature in

Anbe Sivam – Literature in Tamil/Indian Cinema

As Kamalhassan admits, he creates literature. Movies are his way of literature just as Shakespeare, Kalki and RK Narayan wrote literature as books. Anbe Sivam [Love is God] does this thoroughly and thoughtfully. It creates a celluloid miracle with various elements that will just make you think what an incredible artist we have in Kamalhassan.

Anbe Sivam has a simple message to say. See god through love. But at the same time it doesn’t dig grave out of believers in god. Though at the first glance of the name Anbe Sivam, given the kamal’s personal atheist principles, you might think he is going to be a messenger of anti-god in this movie. But what emerges is a formula ; thesis + anti-thesis = synthesis. Kamal joins with Madhavan and comes out with a synthesis of ideas and truths. Now, whose ideas are thesis and anti-thesis in the movie, relies on your perspective.

Madhavan and Kamalhassan meet in a common situation of getting stuck in Bhuvaneshwar on their way to Chennai where they get enough time to share their ideologies and Maddy gets a hang of what life is. He is a lad who has seen lighter, brighter and creamy side of life being an ad filmmaker. He has never come across a situation where life hits reality on your face. Whereas, Kamal is all-knowing-yet-nagging guy whom you will meet in everyday life. Someone who has seen the full depth of life and one who has gone to end of life before disfiguring himself.

When they meet, Maddy gets irritated with the acquaintance of Kamalhassan and tries to ignore him. He realises after sometime that it is with the noble manners of Kamal he is able to get along and reach Chennai. The film talks about how Maddy gets to know the realities of life in this journey. The journey consuming the major part of the movie, kamal’s flashback about how he got disfigured and how he got to know ‘life’ is told as a small beautiful interlude. Kamal explains Maddy the realities of life in a rascally manner when Maddy tends to ignore them. When he experiences it himself, he believes them and starts looking life with full of love.

Kamal’s characterisation in Anbe Sivam is study on its own. A a street play artist, an angry young man, a man who is love, someone who went till the end of death and recovered, a common idiosyncratic man, a man suffering from disfiguration and above all a man full of love on everything are various dimensions of this Kamalhassan prism. How Kamal grips the audience consummately with this character of Nalla Sivam is magic. Much has been said about his obsession for make-up and he proves it once again with his big scar make-up in his face and his one shortened leg. Same with acting, he weaves a portrait of a common man whom we meet in everyday life. This common man talks and yaps so much and has opinion about everything in life but when you go near him and enquire, he would be a man of sheer greatness. Frankly speaking, the movie left me thinking what a great man this Nalla Sivam is.

Maddy is the goodie-goodie ad filmmaker. Again, someone whom we encounter in day-to-day life. A man, who lives among the latest tech gizmos and latest fads, suddenly loses them in one single day and ends in a strange situation with a talkative man. His character is a tight ropewalk. If it goes beyond he would sound like villain. Maddy, who comes from the Mani Ratnam camp, has done it exceedingly well. At times, we feel he reflects a pinch of character in all of us. It is like one of those days when you are still superfluous in life and suddenly by the turn of events, face the reality of life at your doorstep. How Maddy digests these sudden lessons of life and wades through them is well handled by him.

The background score by Vidyasagar is notable. Nee Naan Sivam song is one of the best things happened to this movie. Vairamuthu, the lyricist has penned extremely thought provoking lines in this song and the music stretches near to the Titanic song. If you understand tamil you would appreciate these lines in this song better. ‘Anbin neelam ethuvo, Athuvey vazhvin neelamadaa‘ meaning the length of your life is not measured by years but by the amount of love you have.

Another surprise of this movie is the communist ideologies. The street play song talks about communism and anti-capitalism in detail. Pralayan, a street play artist has written the full script for this song play. Orginally planned to be directed by Priyadarshan, the director of Kalapani, it went to the hands of Sundar C. But as expected every scene shows kamal’s personal touch.

The orissa train accident has been well picturised. Prabhakaran’s sets for this is amazing. Also most notable is Madhan‘s (Cartoonist and Journalist) sharp dialogues which gives this movie a different dimension. He has an amazing sense of logical humor. One scene when Maddy ignores a dog and he says to Kamal it is just another DOG. Kamal replies saying turn the word DOG and it results in GOD. This might sound a trivial joke but when you attach it with the context, the whole theatre blasted out.

Movies like this are a long awaited relief for Tamil cinema. It is a perfect combination of art and commercial cinema. Well, If Anbe Sivam is a hit, we will have much more sensible movies like this. If not, nothing will happen. Just as before, we will be satisfied to see our hero and heroine running around the Switzerland highway with jazzy colors, singing a semi-romantic stupid song. As you like it !!!


Michael Of Sorts Last week

Michael Of Sorts

Last week ABC aired the Michael Jackson interview, which was supposedly watched by a whopping 27 million people here in US. It is the most watched program since Barbara Walters interview with Monica Lewinsky(hmm… we know why). Well, I never knew it to become so serious as it did. Otherwise I would have watched it without blinking. Instead I was trying my hand on parathas. Martin Bashir, the award winning journalist had stayed with Jackson for 8 months to produce this interview. But what reflected was pure hype and hunger-for-high-rated-TV-show behavior. This is how media commands what we need to see and hear rather than the obvious. Poor Michael, he was portrayed as someone who allowed children in his bed. Yet another betrayal for him.

Tail Piece: The shopping spree of Michael Jackson really hit me hard. He bought some artistic stuff for more than a million USD in just 2 minutes. Hope it was not seen by Indian women 😉

Just after two days from this interview yet another Michael had to say bye bye to his era. It was Michael Jordan who played his last All Star NBA game in Atlanta and what a match it had been. During the half, Mariah Carey came along with the shortest skirt ever to sing Hero (her 1993 worldhit) to bid farewell to Jordan. Behind her were huge screens sporting Jordan’s pics from his childhood. Jordan took the center stage for a long 2 minutes cheers from audience including his contemporary giants(really!!) and he had to start talking to stop them abruptly. He meant whatever he said. Being an ardent fan of Jordan millions like me had goosebumpers all over. He was/is an amazing sportsman, which we have seen in times. When he came to the league to play basketball, his shooting skills were his minus. And it was for his sheer hardwork that he became the single most player in the history of sports to have a golden statue during lifetime. We miss you Jordan!

Tail Piece : 4.9 million people watched this on TNT, making it the largest metered market audience for a basketball game.