Last week was terrific. How

Last week was terrific. How do u take that?. Good or Bad. It was kind of both. Hectic work and no work at all. The graph was surging up and down. As usual did a lot of shopping(window, ofcourse) at gurnee mills on saturday. Expecting to watch Grammy today evening on CBS.

Anbe Sivam review was well accepted. May be thats the reason why I was lazy enough blog and allowed the review to feature on my first page. I now understand why Mahesh went for a second blog.

Mood swingers –

Music : Nithyashree singing bharathiyar songs.
Movie : Catch me if you can. I liked it. For others it was Watch me if you can 😉
Book : Sundara Ramaswamy’s JJ Sila Kurippugal. Intriguing start which tells you what a good read it is going to be.

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