Sachin celebrates diwali at Eden

Sachin celebrates diwali at Eden Gardens

Though this being a old news as far as an Indian cricket fan is concerned, I think Sachin Tendulkar has celebrated a better thought about diwali this year at Eden Gardens with his 31st century. But his celebrations have gone past that century.

Now don’t pounce on me after hearing this. It’s a general feeling that apart from square cutting Dillon’s bowling, Sachin is all out to play the political chess with Indian skipper Ganguly. My assumption is that there is a subtle egoistic clash going on between Ganguly and Tendulkar.

A couple of weeks back Sachin came out of the shell, to convey that he would like to play in the opening slot again. Personally, he has missed a bunch of centuries and a heap of records, which he could have broken if he were to play in the opening slot. And Ganguly moves of making Sehwag on par with Sachin would have irritated him badly. I am sure Sachin has a superb temperament. But with a lot of speculation in the media on Ganguly’s plan for Sehwag, its tough to keep up to your principles.

Now due to hamstring injury Sachin is going to miss 7 long one-dayers with W.Indies. That’s a huge loss for his personal records and also for India. But nobody seems to have been worried due to his injury. Everybody looks forward to Sehwag anxiously. And if Sehwag fails in this series, its Ganguly who will face the issues.

Now as the media hypes these issues, there is a chance of India not being the favorites for the World Cup 2003. Since Sachin and Sehwag being the favorites for the opening slot, the strategy should be to make both of them open the one-dayers in the next New Zealand series. Good if it works out well, probably we can manage the same partnership for the World Cup too. We might arguably miss the right hand – left hand combination of Sehwag – Ganguly but that’s the trade-off for a match winning partnership.

We will have to wait and see who gets a checkmate. I hope not it is we…

Note : By the time I finished typing this, India lost its first one-day match against W.Indies. Agarkar becomes one more Chetan Sharma( he gave away a sixer in the last ball against Pakistan in a Sharjah Final) by giving away 4 runs in the last ball of today’s match.

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