Geeks Rule, AGAIN !!! And

Geeks Rule, AGAIN !!!
And heck, finally geeks rule again. The US DOJ has passed a bill that makes extension for H-1Bs much easier than what they were. Initially if one can only extend their H-1B once in succession. Now has relaxed this H-1Bs can apply for extensions without regard to the ability to file an immigrant petition by the end of the sixth year.

The immigration laws previously required non-US medical students to go back to their country for minimum two years before they can apply for green card status. Due to lack of qualified doctors, now this is also relaxed but the catch is that they need to serve out 3 years in the area which is assigned to them by the US government.

It is a welcoming move from US at this scenario when there is declining belief in the growth of high-tech sector amongst IT students and workers in India.

And so we geeks get a chance again to rule the world. so RULE !!! Link via: Economic Times

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