eBay is amazing ! I

eBay is amazing ! I did manage a laptop for 127$ in an eBay auction. Thats Dirt cheap, Dude! And it works well till now. Auctioning is addictive guys and may prove injurious to your wallet if you aren’t prudent. Everything in US works on your credit cards and now ofcourse now US thrives on online transactions. I only dream that this would happen in India. From pizzas to peugeots can be bought online. Anything…Anything…absolutely anything on the net.

You want to know how to drive to your friend’s house in a karnataka and you are in tamilnadu. Log in to buddy!!!. You want to deliver your sweet pie living in delhi and you are in Kerala. Log in to In fact, I wanted to write a list of the best available online services that are unavailable in India. But I wouldn’t want this blog to look like an Internet Directory. So I restrained myself with just 2.

Desis who are here for quite sometime are sure that nothing big as this would happen in India. I don’t go with them. But their point of argument seems to have a point. They say that till the movement of population from villages to cities exists in India, this slow down of improvement in infrastructure and living style is non-stoppable. I am skeptical about that. I think their point has a value but that alone doesn’t cease the growth of a country.

Well, thinking about this for quite a while makes me rethink about my dream. Let US be US and we be India. Let’s not compare apples with oranges. I want to finish this here, because while writing this, I am clouded with so many thoughts that would take pages to be written down. This is a coffee-toffee issue. Probably some other time…!!!

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