Signs of Spielberg – Is

Signs of Spielberg – Is Your Sixth Sense Unbreakable ?

It was a moment of joy for me. For an indian like me to witness a loud applause from the audience for a hollywood movie in an american theatre directed by an indian. And it was truly breathtaking. Yes, Manoj Night Shyamalan does it again. First by sixth sense he swept us near the oscars then he dusted the childhood heroes inside us through his unbreakable . Now he comes back to touch the spiritual and human side of us with a backdrop of UFOs in his signs.

Signs is a movie to relish quietly in a corner of the theatre without catcalls and whispers. It really impacts you with a melodramatic and an eerie mood. Make you rethink your beliefs. Only condition – Listen to the dialogues carefully, else you might be lost in this complex screenplay.

Shyamalan love for philadelphia, where he was brought up is evident and this one is set there too. The greenish farm which is the heart of the movie increases the suspense. Amazing location.

Mel Gibson reminds me of Kamalhassan in Mahanadhi. For those who saw mahanadhi, you will understand the pains of kamal to bringup his children and also the troubles he undergoes to catch his life gear. This movie is ceratinly Mel gibson’s career high. Shyamalan’s builds Mel Gibson’s character slowly yet strongly. He is such a cool actor that his character builds up in you. Thats what he did to me in ‘ What Women Want‘ . You become him after some point of time in signs and you get involved in the during the course of the movie and try to save you and your children from the UFOs and aliens.

The twist which you would expect in shyamalan’s movie is certainly missing but that is the wish of a creative writer which cannot be questioned. To the given story and characters, shyamalan gives rationale and ends it great. Some might think that it was an abrupt ending but that again depends on your taste of movies. Its like reading sundara ramaswamy’s book. He doesn’t spoon feed you. Just makes you realize the need of using your brain and co-relate events. Thats why you so feel special while you see such movies. You feel elevated to the heights of thinking and you certainly do. Your sixth sense would not be unbreakable and you suddenly rise up from your seats in fear. Especially in a scene while the dog which is silently eating and suddenly barks the nerve out of you.

Read what rediff has reviewed about this.

A Spielberg is on the making and we are witnessing one of the to-be-legends of all time. Is that so? Your catch on this is welcome.

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