Chic-A-Go A lot of experiences


A lot of experiences at a foreign land. i am totally confused. which to say and which to leave. chicagoians are excellent guys!! Very supportive and very responsive too. and it is a city that has a skyline which makes you go BONKERS at night. I haven’t seen many cities , but this is certainly a class. especially here in downtown chicago you have creative buildings are huge sizes and they are all illuminated at night just to give you a feeling of being in a dream land.

Especially for indians, chicago gives you everything. It creates a feeling that you are at your homeland. you get the whole lot of same indian stuff here from dal to parathas to pan beedas.

If u are travelling to america …chicago is a must go.


Panchatantiram – A must watch

Panchatantiram – A must watch :

An outarageous entertainer. Kamal proves again he is the best with crazy mohan’s indomitable skill of writing quick jokes that get past by you in a second.

Yuhi Sethu is a suprise talent. amazing role and characterisation.Leave all you logic behind in your house and enjoy the movie!!!. don’t underestimate kamal’s skill acting. It is WHODUNIT + comedy.

I can see traces of kamal being inspired by Dil Chahta Hai in french beards, modern looks interiors and the song “Ennodu Kadhal ” in which kamal walks and sings beside simran, resembling the song Aaamir sings with Preity in Sydney. All said and done Panchathantiram is a must WATCH!!!

I am awaiting BABA….when is he here…


Its summer in US and

Its summer in US and thats when i am travelling to chicago on a business trip. The enthu of visiting the birth place of technology is there , but i have already started feeling homesick. And when i feel that I am going to miss some fantatsic things out here….huh!!

All that aside, just the sheer planning and the small shopping itself was mind boggling and especially for a lazy guy like me it is a real tough task.

One of the things that i will be missing is the release of BABA movie (*ing rajini). The best day to watch rajini’s movie is the opening day opening show and thats the when you get a kick of rajini’s magnetism. I am diehard fan and this is the first in the last 10 years that I may not be watching 1st day 1st show.

I still hope to whistle ‘n’ watch 1st day 1st show in a chicago theatre. Any fan out there for my company???


Thanks a Ton, Google: Hey,

Thanks a Ton, Google:

Hey, I feel at the top of the world !!! Thats a cool feeling when you are the first of results in google. Just search for lazy geek in google and see my blog appearing at the top of the result else click here.

I know that google works on the number of links to the site and only based on that the ranking is made but I haven’t known how I reached there. Anyway feels like Di Caprio standing at the edge of Titanic and shouting. But …….am I drowning??

Looking at the nickname Lazy Geek, sometimes I am surprised as to how did I frame that. I think it was during on my midnight programming sessions at my project, I assumed myself as a guy who knows everything but pretty lazy to do put them in action. Looking back I feel it is viceversa. But this is what dictionary had to say about a geek

geek (gk)
n. Slang
A person regarded as foolish, inept, or clumsy.
A person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept.
A carnival performer whose show consists of bizarre acts, such as biting the head off a live chicken.

Where do u think I fit in ?..