Panchatantiram – A must watch

Panchatantiram – A must watch :

An outarageous entertainer. Kamal proves again he is the best with crazy mohan’s indomitable skill of writing quick jokes that get past by you in a second.

Yuhi Sethu is a suprise talent. amazing role and characterisation.Leave all you logic behind in your house and enjoy the movie!!!. don’t underestimate kamal’s skill acting. It is WHODUNIT + comedy.

I can see traces of kamal being inspired by Dil Chahta Hai in french beards, modern looks interiors and the song “Ennodu Kadhal ” in which kamal walks and sings beside simran, resembling the song Aaamir sings with Preity in Sydney. All said and done Panchathantiram is a must WATCH!!!

I am awaiting BABA….when is he here…

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