Its summer in US and

Its summer in US and thats when i am travelling to chicago on a business trip. The enthu of visiting the birth place of technology is there , but i have already started feeling homesick. And when i feel that I am going to miss some fantatsic things out here….huh!!

All that aside, just the sheer planning and the small shopping itself was mind boggling and especially for a lazy guy like me it is a real tough task.

One of the things that i will be missing is the release of BABA movie (*ing rajini). The best day to watch rajini’s movie is the opening day opening show and thats the when you get a kick of rajini’s magnetism. I am diehard fan and this is the first in the last 10 years that I may not be watching 1st day 1st show.

I still hope to whistle ‘n’ watch 1st day 1st show in a chicago theatre. Any fan out there for my company???

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