Last night I watched Black

Last night I watched Black Hawk Down, the oscar nominated movie. This was a true story about a ground battle involving the american army soldiers. In 1993, the american army wanted to abduct 2 lieutinants of the somalian warlord Farah Aidid and they intruded into a small village called Mogadishu. The US army’s intial plans gets interuppted when two of the black hawk helicopters are shot down. The time moves on and it takes more than 15 hours to complete the operation.

The movie is potrayed with an eye for detail. The war photography is too good that we feel like witnessing the war in the streets of Mogadishu. The camera and the sets make the movie seem true. This has a very less storyline than other war movies.It is war commentary and there is no analysis on the war or its after effects which makes it as a movie of rare genre. Ridley Scott dispassionate approach towarads the movie makes it an interesting see. His approach has a classy touch. He shows war as war rather than taking a emotional dimension which leaves it for the viewer to decide his idea on war.

A pretty ok movie for a dull night!!!

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