Maddy in the run :

Maddy in the run :
You remember watching Sea Hawks in DD2 those days when satellite channels had just begun to engulf mainstream entertainment. It was he who made people watch the serial without blinking. Then he made tamil girls drool over with his powerful looks and versatile acting in Maniratnam’s Alai Payuthey. This is movie now being remade in hindi as Saathiya *ing Vivek Oberoi. After 2 years of the release of his debut film in tamil, maddy is still drool-over in tamil nadu. His Minnale (RHTDM in hindi) was a super dupper hit and his next film with mani’s Kannathil Muthamittal added credits to his acting skills.

Now Madhavan is signed up for a thriller movie called Run and also his next movie Anbe Sivam ( Shiva is Love) with Kamalhassan. Maybe we are yet to witness the pinnacle of Maddy’s acting. Heard that he is also performing as a rowdy rowdy piper role in a hindi movie for which he has sported a french beard. I told you know…Maddy is in the run.