Untitled Codelust’s link on god


Codelust’s link on god blogging made me think a lot. good one .

Ian McEwan amazes me with his absorbing insight into people’s minds. My boss recommends me to read McEwan’s best book The child in time.Thats my next catch.

Sujatha – one of the best writers in contemporary tamil literature is signed up for a movie with K.Balachander to write the dialogues. He was paid close to 10 lakhs for film. This is a promising news for writers in tamil film scenario. His latest films Mudhalvan and Kannathil Muthamittal earned him this fame. As a matter of fact, Roja was his story which was earlier published as a novel named as ’14 days’ in tamil. I need pages to write about sujatha’s writing style. If you need to get an hang on his writing, just ready his book called guruprasadin kadaisi thinam ( the last day of guru prasad).

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