Crazy Again: I do aspire

Crazy Again:

I do aspire to become kushwant singh or shobha de . But this isn’t acceptable. I was reading the whole lot of my blog today and i just got bugged up. I seem to have transcended into the world of a columnist because offlate I am writing some kind of an analytical blog on silly things.I finally found a reason for that. Just realised I have been doing a bit of advertising of my blog these days in all the yahoo groups that i belong to. So probably I am also going thru a bit of famous-o-mania these days and therefore I have been writing impressive articles for others.They aren’t that impressive for me when i read it now. On second thoughts, may be I am right. Is it wrong in getting caught in the famous-o-mania if u get the purpose right. So guys, for you kind info, my instinct tells me i wouldn’t change even after all these inner shouts to myself. Some of you who read this blognote first might not u’stand the note. Go ahead and read more, probably you will (hey lazy, thats advertising again).

But I am lucky this weekend. Just got my hand over an interesting book called Enduring Love by Ian McEwan. Amazing start!! just like a nail bitting finish. Oops!! this guy is really great.

It is 9:15 now and I wanna go back home now to see sachin back in action after a duck in the previous innings. I have no clue of what the score is but i can have a blind bet that he is gonna smash the windies this time. Hope he does. Yeh Dil Maange More!!