She’s Back ( From Tihar)

She’s Back ( From Tihar)

Hey, Arundhati is back . If you are blinking now, you probably have not read her God Of Small Things or you didn’t frequent the news some 3 months back. She is Arundhati Roy. The booker prize winner for her debut novel. You would certainly appreciate her if you read that book for its vivid descriptions and the style of her writing.

Then, she was an avid supporter of NBA ( Narmada Bajao Aandolan not National Basketball Association ) and a die-hard fan for the purpose of saving thousands of people getting washed out if that narmada dam was built. An essay on anti-dam on narmada called The Greater Common Good was fabulous.

After allowing herself to stay in the thiar prison for one day, in the contempt of court case, she is now back on questioning the happenings in Gujarat.The article called Democracy :Who’s she when she’s at home? in Outlook magazine. Read it !! Feel It !! You’ll agree with me that she is true.

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