Ghanan Ghanan : The Rahman

Ghanan Ghanan : The Rahman Factor

While browsing thru some 50 odd channels today, watched the ghanan ghanan from Lagaan after a long time. Mind blowing folk number. I was just imagining the day when AR Rahman who have sat to compose it. ARR, his keyboard and some beautiful music . Great combination. Probably aamir and ahutosh who have told him the situation and would have waited for sometime for the inspiration from rahman. All 3 would have aspired but would have not felt that the numbers they are going to make for this movie are gonna be seen by people all over the world. I don’t have words to describe rehman’s music in lagaan. Though I love all his other movies, Laggan was a class apart.

Thats how Roja sounded 11 years back and i didn’t believe a 17 yr old guy had composed Kadhal Rojavey (Roja Janeman in Hindhi version). Thats was a totally different sound for my ears and for all in India. I would like to go back and imagine the amount of aspiration and fire that Rahman would have had when Mani Ratnam asked him to compose for Roja. Genius finds another genius.

These eleven years of celluloid medium has made rahman a very mature person. With Laggan and Kannathil Muthamittal ( A Peck in the cheek – Mani Ratnam’s latest tamil film about srilankan refugees) AR has moved from the masses to the classes and we hope he makes even the masses to move to the classes.


Kiska Band Bajega : Saw

Kiska Band Bajega :

Saw Channel V Popstars today. These girls seem to have a atitude for being popstars. I think it a novel and a welcoming effort by Channel V . Shuba Mudgal was amazing as a Judge. Sandeep Chowda is slightly an overdoer. But his “Kallas” in Company was composed so well and picturised too well. Isha Gopikar is now the latest vamp of bollywood. Her club dance for Kallas is really a kallas. keep it up isha!!!


Spoil the movies : Nidhi

Spoil the movies :

Nidhi did a great job in rediff on writing the article on the movie spoiler websites. These websites actually tell you the whole story of the movie by a quickie and it also tells the final ending of a movie. Endings of Movies like The Unbreakabale and The Sixth Sense shouldn’t be read here in these websites . They have to be seen and felt. Unbreakable is one of my all time favourites. It is one of the movies where there wasn’t any clue about the end. During the climax I found myself getting of my seat in the theatre and started clapping, Thrilled !!!. My friends thought i became crazy. What an amazing shot the final one was when Bruce willis shakes hands with S….No No I don’t wanna say who it is . I am not a movie spoiler. Enjoy the unbreakable.


Pulp Fiction After a long

Pulp Fiction
After a long exile with classics, I am back to pulp fiction again with Sidney Sheldon‘s rage of angels for the 4 th time. Last weekend when i was in the library, I thought of picking up page turners for a break. Sidney was the first name which came to my mind. he amazes me with his vivid descriptions .He is certainly the king of pulp fiction and one of my all time fav author after Richard Bach. Will certainly write about my love for bach some time. it is already 1:00 am and i am sleepy.aahww!!!