Karthy ‘n’ Bryan Adams Y’day

Karthy ‘n’ Bryan Adams

Y’day a group of friends of mine were discussing over a coffee about a birthday gift given to your boy/girl friend. Karthy said she was worried one full day because she spent too much money for her boy friend to get him a diamond locket. oh !! oh !! . Ram interuppted her on a emotional line to approve money isn’t bigger than love !! Well, this argument continues forever. Today to establish his words, Ram forwardded us the lyrics of “When you love someone ” by Bryan Adams asking karthy to learn from this. I liked it and probably you too !!

When you love someone

when you love someone – you’ll do anything
you’ll do all the crazy things that you can’t explain
you’ll shoot the moon – put out the sun
when you love someone

you’ll deny the truth – believe a lie
there’ll be times that you’ll believe you can really fly
but you’re lonely nights – have just begun
when you love someone

when you love someone – you’ll feel it deep inside
and nothin else can ever change your mind
when you want someone – when you need someone
when you love someone…

when you love someone – you’ll sacrifice
you’d give it everything you got and you won’t think twice
you’d risk it all – no matter what may come
when you love someone
you’ll shoot the moon – put out the sun
when you love someone


The happy-go-lucky creativists (!!!??) :

The happy-go-lucky creativists (!!!??) :
Offlate, i have been thinking about the jobs of people in creative arts. Unlike others, they have a very pleasant life from which they derive inspiration for their creative outbursts. Imagine Mani Ratnam’s daily routine : get up late, have a coffee, read newspaper, water gardens, take bath , watch movies, meet for the story discussion , come back home for lunch etc. When i was discussing this with a like-minded friend , he suddenly turned the table and started an argument that creative people are at risk of their career and family. I agreed to him that there is a lot of risk involved in creative arts area . If u fail, then you are out. After 5 coffees and 3 hours of hot hot discussion we saw some light at the end of the tunnel when we came to a understaning of involving creative expression in whatever work we do. Like, while doing a software design show how creative you can be. If u are clerk , show creativity in maintaining books of accounts.

Thinking back, I am skeptical about that idea. Is that possible?. These suggestions do work out temporarily. On the long run , you get fizzled out in 2 to 3 moths again. Probably people who disike mundane life should landup in a job of their love and passion. Like how you give a child a toy of building blocks and instruct is he/she can build it , then he/she will be awarded a chocolate. wow, what a deal. happiness in return for doing something that gives me happiness. I like it …but still I love to be Mani Ratnam and enjoy the finer aspects of life. huh!!


The Academy at its best

The Academy at its best :
Disappointed. one billion people were dissapointed in india when “no man’s land ” broke the Lagaan dream. Thats fine. But the point is that, when are we gonna leave this comedy of sending out indian films to oscars. Oscar awards are given away for english films mainly taken in hollywood. Lets stop this joke from this year atleast and lets create an award for which the hollywood should send films to recieve this award. This is not a shout of an angry indian who is disappointed for not getting the oscar this year.
Whats is happy is that African americans got the honour this year and the academy should be appreciated for that. Denzel washington is worth the oscar.Morgan Freeman is also a deserving actor who needs to be honoured. If you would have seen The Shawshank Redemption, you will agree.


Its my life : I

Its my life : I complete silver jubliee( Hey !! I am still YOUNG)

Today is my birthday and for info i am completing 25 years in planet earth today.To look back at life a series of bundled snapshots( though i ain’t too old), I am extremely happy about the whatever has happened. I shouldn’t be writing too much blog today . Tomorrow my company celebrates 10 years and a mind blowing party awaits me tomorrow. see ya ! next week.

Just Like That

An Ode to the networked

An Ode to the networked world :
This poem ( can it be called as a poem ??) was written by me during a speaker’s forum in my company . I had basically no big facts to harp on, so i thought of getting my point across by a small poem. Quite a few people say that is in the lines of a similar poem which floated in the net. I am oblivious to that . This is my CREATIVITY !!! you see .

An ode to the networked world

Gone are the days when played games on the road,
Today we code on the road with laptop.

Gone are the days when we stood to watch birds
Today we see and hear them in mpeg files.

Gone are the days when we sat to chat with friends on grounds,
Today we chat in rooms

Gone are the days when we carry watterbottles and chips to movies
Today we watch them in our e-PCs

Gone are the days when we sit back in our father’s swinging chairs and read Alice in Wonderland
Today we purchase them for 1 dollar a chapter and read it from our monitors

Gone are the days when i write such poems in the last pages of my rough notebook
Today i type them in my notepad

Gone are the days when we have marriages for 3 days including baarath
Today we meet at baarat.com, wedding.com and reception.com

( A decade later )

Gone are the days when we have panel discussions in dinning halls
Today we meet using video conferencing in the virtual office.

( 50 years later)

Gone are the days when i used to meet people …i mean real people…
Today i met my creator…. he was real..he was a human
and i am his creation ….I am a ROBOT.