Spoil the movies : Nidhi

Spoil the movies :

Nidhi did a great job in rediff on writing the article on the movie spoiler websites. These websites actually tell you the whole story of the movie by a quickie and it also tells the final ending of a movie. Endings of Movies like The Unbreakabale and The Sixth Sense shouldn’t be read here in these websites . They have to be seen and felt. Unbreakable is one of my all time favourites. It is one of the movies where there wasn’t any clue about the end. During the climax I found myself getting of my seat in the theatre and started clapping, Thrilled !!!. My friends thought i became crazy. What an amazing shot the final one was when Bruce willis shakes hands with S….No No I don’t wanna say who it is . I am not a movie spoiler. Enjoy the unbreakable.

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