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Instead of individual appearance to every house, Lord Krishna should have just visited Grand Sweets in Adayar yesterday on the account of his birthday, Krishna Jayanthi. Thats where most of the Chennai was busy buying Uppu/Vella Seedai.

It rained the weekend. And when I say this there will be someone asking if it really rained on sunday in Chennai. While I called up my friend just a 2 miles away to tell him that I would be running late because of the showers, he replied “You can be late, but don’t fool me. It’s scorching here man”. If KK Nagar to Saligramam can have so much of a weather difference why do we blame the Indiya Vaanilai Aaraichi Maiyam, again and again.

Just when I was waiting for the rain…rain to go…away, I clicked the rain, that’s probably worth thousands of bucks in Chennai. We need rain dudes. If not for an olympics medal, let Anju Bobby George invite the ruler of Olympus, the Greek God of Rain, none other than Zeus, to Chennai. I can put an invite for him in my blog. You think I’m kidding, I ain’t joking here. We need rain, water, floods.