There are very few

Subhash Ghai's Kisna

There are very few musical compositions which can drive you crazy on the first listening. With no clue of how the music would sound, I landed in Subash Ghai’s Kisna website. There were sounds of horses galloping and then an animated sword flies in and gets stuck into the battlefield mud, followed by a flute. Starts the the single high pitched flute and goes on and on getting accompanied with few distant drums.

Flute is a magical instrument. With just a flow of air directed across the hole bounces in and creates magic. Can literally take a plunge into your soul and can wade through it like a fresh breeze. This composition is one just a sample of the enormous possibilities, flute encompasses.

If you are reading this and heading for the website, you may probably not get the similar goosebumps like me. Even I may not have it for the next time. I went with no clues/expectations/blocks. It took me by a sweet shock. Try out your luck, anyway.

Kisna’s music is not just by one but two, of the best hindi music directors, A R Rahman and Ismail Durbar. Now, will I be allowed to compare this combo with Mella Thirandhathu Kathavu / Senthamizh Paattu music composed by Illayaraja and MS Viswanathan.

Am heading this evening to buy myself a CD of Kisna. Sure.