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Perfect Blogging Platform

Anil Dash from Movable Type wrote a blogpost that took over its competitor, WordPress. He explained with pointers as to how WordPress upgrade is getting tougher by the day and not as simple as advertised. WordPress founder, Matt Mullenbeg responded on his twitter that Six Apart(Movable Type’s company) is getting desperate and dirty.

While it may be true that Movable Type has some of its users to the WordPress blogging tool, it doesn’t mean they can’t strike back, taking their competitors head-on. Anil’s post didn’t have a single loosely written line. While there may be factual errors or not, he did not behave like a cheapo. Matt did. And he is pissed.

Matt is pursuing Typepad Users(a part of Six Apart) like Seth Godin to move their own domains and install WordPress to run their blogs. When Matt is adopting public/no-so-public ways to attract users, shouldn’t he be ready for the same methods by his competitor.

BTW, I like WordPress as much as, and sometimes even better than, Movable Type. This blog still runs on Movable Type for the last 4 years. The irony is that it runs smoothly because of Akismet spam catcher which is a product from the WordPress company. Tells us that none of these guys are perfect yet.

The web market is still nascent. The perfect blogging platform creator is still playing soccer at Madison or Florida or Madras and hasn’t the heard the word, blog, yet.


Microsoft Bids for Yahoo

And that’s really news. Really a breaking news at the Seattle and Silicon Valley. Let’s see how this one develops.

From NY Times

Microsoft said the combination of the two companies would create efficiencies that would save approximately $1 billion annually. The software giant also said that it has an integration plan to include employees of both companies and intends to offer incentives to retain Yahoo employees.

“We have great respect for Yahoo, and together we can offer an increasingly exciting set of solutions for consumers, publishers and advertisers while becoming better positioned to compete in the online services market,” said Steven A. Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, in a statement.

Yahoo’s shares are at a 4 year low at $19/share. And their market cap as of today is around $ 25.6 billion. But here is an important backdrop to this – Yahoo to Cut 1,000 Jobs, and Warns on Growth.


Email IDs from

I missed the news(on Nov 6, 2007…thats way too long to miss) but it isn’t too late, even now., part of Microsoft Windows Live network is offering email IDs for its domain.

That means, 3 or 4 letter email ids are still available to be taken. If you are already settled on a hotmail, yahoo or gmail ID, you can stay put but if you are an email junkie and manage three/four handles at the same time, you’ve got to rush.

I was checking out the site and I got Can you beat that ? Certainly nothing to do with Rajini’s Robot. I promise that my love for robots have existed back from my comics days.


I think Google Reader is probably on its way of becoming the killer app of Web 2.0 and its is becoming evident. Even the whole issue of GReader’s sharing open-up just shows that people depend on the feed reader from google so much that it has become an indispensable part of their online life.

Each subscriber to Google Reader has a unique public page to share the stuff that they consider share-worthy. That URL was made up of a long long yucky integer[0270205865921283184]. To spice it up, I forwarded a domain,, to my google reader shared page. I’m not sure if anyone would be interested to see what I’m sharing but its more of a trial exercise.

As it easy to share stuff that you read on Google Reader, its easy for junk to get accumulated on such shared pages but I’m trying to be as diligent as possible. It should be an eclectic collection of blogposts from various sites. And truly, the best thing about lazy byte is that , I don’t own or create any of the posts on this page. Isn’t that a relief ?