This current template of my

This current template of my blog is completely consumed. I feel a need for change. I am contemplating for quite sometime about it. No Idea when it would be implemented.

I have been using this template for more than 2 years. This was actually a template in blogger and when I moved to movable type, I tweaked the css to get that same look and feel. It looks stale now to me. Thats pretty much how things are in life. A philosophy thats well understood by experience than being told.

Meanwhile, I’m still mourning over my camera’s sudden paralysis. This Chennai traffic literally bogs me down to move all the way to Blacker’s road and get the camera fixed.

While my yawning like this lazily, do send any suggestions, comments on the present/new template. Would appreciate.

My Digi Darling has gone

My Digi Darling has gone bonkers. I’ve been using this Canon Powershot A60 for quite a while. Last week when I had been to Vailankanni, I had shot extensively with it. Today when I switched it on, the images in the LCD panel looks blurred and distorted badly. I have no idea how it happened.

While I’m looking around to get my digital camera back to shape, any thoughts/places to refer for a good service of canon cameras in chennai are welcome. Would dedicate a blog post to you if your referral works. Deal.

R.K Narayan and Me

RK Narayan
[Pic: thehindu]

That title relating RK Narayan to me is the height of hopes. But seriosuly there is a thin line of connection. Read on.

Last week, I had to meet a childhood friend at Purasawalkam and hence went there. Purasawalkam is at slightly north of Chennai just after Egmore near the Poonamallee High Road. If you can remember Hotel Dasaprakash, you can remember Purasawalkam. It’s my most favourite place on earth. Quite Naturally. I was born and brought up in Vellala Street of Purasawalkam. Until 15, my entire childhood was spent at purasawalkam. Being a born go-rounder, I had literally walked, cycled, biked through every square feet of Purasawalkam. It had some nice temples like the Gangadeshwarar temple and some beautiful parks around. Also crowded with theatres/sabhas, Purasawalkam was probably one of the reasons why I grew a movie/music buff. From Abirami complex to Sangam, Ega and more, we had totally 15 theatres within a 3 KM radius, some of them are either converted to wedding mahals or run porno stuff these days. A lot of sabhas which are now converted to flats played enough carnatic music next to Mylapore. The musical legends like the gods’s own voice, MS Subbulakshmi, DK Pattammal and others had lived at Purasawalkam. At that time Purasawalkam was still striving to become the heart of Chennai. Today it is the shopping paradise of Chennai after Pondy Bazaar in T.Nagar. I no more live there but now when I go the place even after few months, I get a feeling the place, the roads and the buildings are getting smaller. Donno if someone had a similar feel when they visited their childhood place after long time.

Like anybody else, to tell about that place and my childhood, I have enough stories. But back to point. In his Autobiography, My Days, RK Narayan writes the first few chapters of his childhood that was spent in Purasawalkam. His full name being Rasipuram Krishnaswami Ayyar Naranayanaswami. After Swami and his friends, he shortened it as RK Narayan. He was born and brought up at Vellala Street of Purasawalkam. He talks about the corner of the street to where he used to run and see the bullockdrawn carriages moving around. Also RK Narayan recollects about the nice Ponni Amman Koil that he visted with his family. I had read his autobiography a long time back and didn’t give a note to it, truly.

A friend’s dad and also another friend of mine had asked if I knew the exact house where RK Narayan lived. One of them even told the place but I wasn’t grasping it. I wasn’t too sure because the street was a kilometer long and had many sub-lanes and he could have lived anywhere.

Yesterday I was talking with my thatha, my grandpa, who had spent more than 45 years of his life in the same purasawalkam, I remembered this interesting point to clarify. When I asked him “ Thatha!! RK Narayan, namma vellaala theruvula enga irundharunu theriuma? “. Do you know where RK Narayan lived in Vellala Street ?. He smiled and with a natural ease said ” Namma aathukku rendu aam thalli irundhaar. Ethana thadava idha onakku sollirukken, badava”. He said “RK Narayan lived just two blocks away “. Oh ! my gosh. Just two blocks. We were just two blocks away to where the malgudi creator RKN lived and even after my grandpa pointing it out when we lived there, I hadn’t noticed it. Fool, I thought to myself. Though RK Narayan wasn’t even there when I was born, it was a GREAT joy and delight to know that my house was located so close to RKN’s childhood home. That was be sufficient to allow myself, a RKN fan, to feel connected to the genius. Thanks Thatha!!, You made my day.

Further :
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An interview with RK Narayan’s brother RK. Ramachandran by Randor Guy.

Vasool Raja, a family meet and my weekend laundry list

Apart from the Seemandams, Kai murukku & Therattipaal featuring Nichayatharthams and mega Kalyanams, there aren’t many occasions when we tend to have a family meet. How about a family meet in a movie. Though the family cannot actually talk in length about which athai-payyan got wed locked or which onnu-vitta-chitappa got a golden handshake, the family can actually laugh together. Ok, Ok, I’m trying to agree myself to this with these excuses.

While the beach or a common house maybe the exact location for a family meet, someone has to prepare Pulliyotharai, arrange litres and litres of filter coffee and all this might actual end up in dozens of cribs and complaints. Hence, we planned a family watch of Vasool Raja MBBS. Two common grounds on Vasool Raja. Most Athais and mammis like Kamalhassan. Two, Laughter is something that we long for in this fast fast (!!) food culture. The plan is shaping out. Let’s see.

Who said Chennai isn’t happening? The weekend has more than enough things happening in Chennai.

a) Three movies that I’m interested, Vasool Raja MBBS, Kyun Ho Gaya Na and the Asimov inspired I, Robot are out this week.

b) The Hindu Metro Plus sponsored Life Style show is at the Chennai Trade centre opens today with Shobana featuring on the opening day. Hindu also has a eight page detailed supplement of what’s up on the show and it promises to be much better than the other life style shows in the city.

c) Lalith Kala Academy has a photography exhibition on the architecture of American roadside motels, bars and clubs. A promo on the television yesterday was cool and did interest a lot. These photographs have been taken over the last two decades clearly showing the growth in the ideas and architectural styles.

d) The Landmark quiz, one of the biggest open quiz shows in the country is on the 15th in the Music Academy. If you are someone who hates quiz, here is the program, just for you. And if you are not inspired still, I have no clue.

There goes my laundry list of weekend to-do’s. The target it atleast 70% of them. Movies can be postponed not the shows. Right.