This current template of my

This current template of my blog is completely consumed. I feel a need for change. I am contemplating for quite sometime about it. No Idea when it would be implemented.

I have been using this template for more than 2 years. This was actually a template in blogger and when I moved to movable type, I tweaked the css to get that same look and feel. It looks stale now to me. Thats pretty much how things are in life. A philosophy thats well understood by experience than being told.

Meanwhile, I’m still mourning over my camera’s sudden paralysis. This Chennai traffic literally bogs me down to move all the way to Blacker’s road and get the camera fixed.

While my yawning like this lazily, do send any suggestions, comments on the present/new template. Would appreciate.

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  1. Prabhu Avatar


    Think about this look. In the home page, have links for all the blogs with the no of comments in brackets. The right section of the blog seems pretty fine.
    Now the qustion is what do you do with so much space on the left side. You can actually post the pictures of all the relevant blogs. Like Annalakshmi blog, you can post Abirami’s pic( Very bad of you. You wrote so much supporting her, but you didnt put her pic 😦 )
    Then that Sonia Agarwal 7GRC pic you took with your camera(The one that was working), upcoming talented people like Maria Sharapova(Have you blogged on her 😕 after she won wibmledon) etc etc. And for one dhrishti pooshanikkai pic you can always post Gabtain’s pic in Gajendra.

    Hey I am waiting for your review on Gajendra movie. Heard that it is a full length clean comedy movie. It has comic scenes like Vijayakanth lighting his ciggarette with his blood(punch dialogue: Indha Gajendra rathathula neruppu irukkuda).


  2. Maran Avatar

    Speaking of Maria Sharapova, yeah she’s beautiful with talent but how about Vijay Singh? He kicked Tiger’s butt this year and he’s Indian!
    Indian Tiger!


  3. Venkatachalam R Avatar

    Coincidence. Even I felt the same with my blog, and changed it yesterday. I usually change it once in three months, so that the highly intelligent geek in me doesn’t become a lazy geek 😉


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Prabhu, Thanks for the worthy suggestion. They look fine except that captain piece. You want me to do that, really.

    Venkat, I did see the change in your blog. Nice change. BTW, isn’t lazy geek an oxymoron.


  5. Prabhu Avatar

    Captain piece was just for fun. By the way did you listen to Vanesse Mae- Choreography album? AR Rehman has composed for one song called as “Raga Dance”. Amazing instrumental. If you havent then I will get you the link where you can download the mp3 of the same 🙂


  6. Ramesh Avatar

    Would appreciate the link for A.R. Raga dance mp3


  7. Prabhu Avatar

    Here is the link to download Raaga Dance which ARR did for Vanesse Mae. Click download Mirror 1 and then please select track no.8.


  8. Karthek Avatar

    Why don’t you throw a blog design contest? From the no of ppl who frequent you’r blog, you should get quite a few entries. I for one like to read than write but can come up with nice design… 🙂


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Prabhu, Was hearing some news on that. Thanks for the link. Will follow the link.


  10. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Karthek, Thanks a lot for that suggestion. I am not sure how will be the response. Won’t it also be asking too much from whoever reads the blog.


  11. Sadish Avatar

    I do develop some templates for WordPress, the blogging solution that I like.
    You may want to check them out, and if you like, you can download the template(the readme.html is all you need to tweak for MT) from the site.

    Let me know if I would be of some help.


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