Dragon – Redux

Sigappilley Dragon Padamum
Sirithidum Buddhan Silayum
Vaitheney Therkku Moolayiley

Pala Pala Thadai Thaandi Vandhaai
Vaasthuvai Ellam Poiye Endraai
Kodiya Saathaaney Ennai
Thooki Sella Vaaaaaaah !!

Redux from here. Going to watch Kakkha Kakkha today after a long time.

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I came across the word in a certain blog as its title. Love that word, musings. Very nostalgic. It reminds me of 2002 when blogs were named as musings or rants or rambles or space or scribbles(like this one) and the bloggers wrote whatever they wanted. The good thing was hardly anyone read those blogs when compared to blog aggregators, feed readers and all the noise of these days.

I wish and hope that I could be as raw, naive and unfettered as those days.