This Week

Another long weekend ahead but I’m probably going to be busy with a paper to finish and an important movie to watch.

Watched Angadi Theru last week and actually liked it. Candidly made. I’m usually the one who hates tear-jerkers but this one had some genunity to it. Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru wasn’t all the great as I expected. Except for Mouli who just melts easily into a character. Probably the missed Morgan Freeman of kollywood.

And Paiyaa. Surprise, I liked it. It was cliched but nevertheless wasn’t all that boring. Atleast Karthi with his extra make-up pulled it very well. Plus the songs made it easy to watch.

Watching Avatar on DVD killed the spirit of the film that I enjoyed watching in IMAX. On the big screen, I couldn’t pick up the animation as much as I did on DVD.

Raavanan album was a bummer. Sometimes experimentation can go over-board as you could…hear. Maybe I’m disliking Mani’s films since Sujatha isn’t around to ground it to the Tamil senses. With very low expectations, anything more than that will be a bonus.

Reading: Poetry after a long long time.
Writing: Short Short Story.
Listening: Dylan’s Simple Twist of Fate

2 responses to “This Week”

  1. Praveen Avatar

    Loved Paiyya music, not the movie 🙂

    In Chennai Tamil, more like Goyya 😛


  2. UkSangs Avatar

    Well, I liked Paiyaa too.. Surprising that you are one of the few who liked it. Did you get to watch Singam? Iam sure you’d like it as you like Sivakaasi (which I loved it when none of my friends around liked it at all).. Singam is good


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