Father & Son


Listening to Cat Stevens the whole of y’day was solacing. A Deep voice, lonely acoustic guitar strums and subtle harmony characterized Cat Stevens’ music. So if you like such a setting, he is the master-blaster.

This blog has already become a collection of youtube bookmarks. Adding to it, here is one more that influenced my late teen/early twenties(now that I have moved away from it). This song has much more to it than just Cat’s voice. The lyrics, in form of a dialogue between a father and son reveals a father’s remarks on his life behind him and for the son, the life ahead of him. Such philosophy!

5 responses to “Father & Son”

  1. Gyanban – Just a small correction : He has been going by the name Yusuf since 1977 that is 32 years..
    LG : If Yusuf had read this blog post, he may not have relished his being still called Cat Stevens.. It is like using the purvashrama name to refer to a sanyasin.. like Swaminathan for our late maha periyavar


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