Idhu Porkalama – This Summer

Post from July 28th, 2007

I admit, I’ve been excessively obsessed with this song. Partly because I think Selvaraghavan made a crappy video of a cool song. The camera and Ravi Krishna eyes are fixated on Sonia’s bosom and I think thats a cheap thing to do, given the realistic lyrics and a great rhythm.

I propose someone to re-shoot it and make a pretty good video. Maybe with available resources, I would even re-shoot it myself at Seattle and edit it using Final Cut . Imagine this, as the electric guitar plays, a tall desi guy with a hooded black t-shirt, the mountain ranges on the backdrop, walks on a bridge while its raining. Cut it to a mall, a desi girl with her American teenage friends, walking past this chap with a wink in her eye, eating baskin robbins. Cut back, to the raining bridge. Cut again to wide angle shot, the guy walking on the alki beach with a backdrop of seattle downtown. I’m sure it will do justice to Yuvan’s cool beat. Some day…

I’m still obsessed with this idea of re-shooting the song. Currently looking for camera(!), help with shooting/editing, a desi guy, 2 non-indian females and a sunny seattle day. Coming this summer…


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  1. Sounds like a plan.
    You might get everything, but I doubt a sunny seattle day 🙂
    BTW, I am from San Deigo 😉

    Good Luck with the Video


  2. camera pathi kavala padathenga… have 1 HD cam + 1 D90 – actors pudiga..shoot plannalam… 🙂 + i have another friend who has same JVC HD cam, and dreams of shooting a bollywood song here.. so we can rope him in…


  3. Pop, Porakalama sounds apt too, for the ones who are going to watch the video 🙂

    Ram, Great! Actually wanted to call you and see if you are interested in this. I certainly believe shooting a song and editing is tougher than a short film. Donno if its practically true. Will talk to you offline about this.


  4. Thala,atlast someone who also likes this song.Seriously amassing song.Jus completely mad abt it!:)
    Reshoot and i shall see:D


  5. I second “the Sunny Day” comment. Are you joking? Seattle and Sunny Day? .. and frankly, for the song, Location is not the focus, its the char. He did shoot it right to show the other char and what they are attracted to. THink interms of the whole story !

    Lol at pop !


  6. Do you the lyrics? We’ll start by breaking it up and doing a rough storyboard… (eg: at 0.11secs, shots streaky red lights in highway – shown in fast forward)


  7. Ram, yes, I have the lyrics and rough storyboard already for the whole song. it needs to be fine tunes but I have shot by shot storyboard for this. its by hand so will try to scan it and send it to you.


  8. LG,

    As you are a sujatha fan, can u explain me what so special in the novel pirivom sandhipom?

    Guessing the reason for this question to you from me will not be difficult, yes that horribly made anandha thandavam had made me to ask this question.

    Everyone knows it is horribly made but i feel the story also equally horrible (i havent read the direct novel yet). Why on earth some one chose this story to make a film out of it, there are certainly better novels of sujatha than this.

    Does the story is written by sujatha at the start of 90’s or end of 90’s when desi divorce is famous? Too much boring and itlooks like some news and cinema looks like somebody made a movie after reading news in dinakaran.

    Can you explain me what so special in that story/novel?


  9. Hi Lazy,

    Out of context, sorry about it.I just compiled some of the tamil movie dialogues which i cannot forgot in my life.Felt like sharing with you too.

    தாத்தா நீங்க நல்லவரா இல்ல கெட்டவரா – நாயகன்
    நான் அடிச்சா நீ செத்துடுவ – நாயகன்
    நாலு பேருக்கு நன்மைன்னா எதுவும் தப்பு இல்லை -நாயகன்
    இன்னக்கு சாயந்தரம் வரைக்கும் உயிரோட இருபோமான்னு எங்களுக்கு தெரியாது -நாயகன்
    நீ நினைக்கற மாதரி நான் அவளவு கேட்டவன் இல்ல கொஞ்சம் நல்லவன்- ரோஜா
    தமிழ் திமிரா? இல்ல இந்திய திமிர்.-ரோஜா
    தலைக்கு பதில் பூ விழுந்து இருந்தா நீ உள்ள நான் வெளியில – ஆளவந்தான்
    கடவுள் இல்லன்னு நான் எங்க சொன்னேன்…. இருந்தா நல்லா இருக்கும்னு தான் சொல்றேன் – தசாவதாரம்
    பெஅர்ல் ஹோர்பௌர் ? ஹிரோஷிமா? – தசாவதாரம்
    அடுத்த நிமிட ஆச்சர்யங்கள் இந்த உலகத்தில் அநேகம் – அன்பே சிவம்
    மன்னிகறவன் மனுஷன் மன்னிப்பு கேக்குறவன் பெரிய மனுஷன் – விருமாண்டி
    வீரம்னா என்ன தெரியுமா பயபடாத மாதிரி நடிக்கறது தான் – குருதிபுனல்
    தாஜ் மகால் இடிந்து போய்டா நீங்கல்லாம் லவ் பண்றத நிறுத்திடுவீங்களா – அன்பே சிவம்
    உங்க கிட்ட பேசுறதுல ஒரு வசதி என்னன்னா கேள்விய நீங்களே கேட்டுட்டு பதிலையும் நீங்களே சொல்லீடுவீங்கே – மோகமுள்

    Hopy you enjoyed it.

    Best Regards


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